Glen Hillier

Glen a doctor of Chiropractic and specialist in musculoskeletal pain graduated from the Welsh institute of Chiropractic in 2006. After graduating he practiced in Bournemouth and Fordingbridge before moving to Wales to start a family.

Keen to continually improve his skills he's been mentored by one of the best chiropractors worldwide and continues to investigate how he can better help the people of his community.

Glen has competed in sailing and rowing at a high level and believes that life is for enjoying. He understands how we can pick up minor injuries, which can then escalate into wider problems which can affect our ability to enjoy life.

After picking up a neck injury at 13 years old he was told it would be fine in two weeks, however it didn't change until he had his first chiropractic treatment 3 weeks later.

I became a chiropractor as I've felt the amazing difference that it made to me as a boy, if I had not had treatment then I would likely be suffering from constant headaches and neck pain now. I love being able to help people regain their ability to enjoy life just as I did many years ago.

What experience has taught me is that people often believe the problems they experience are down to age, when often it’s down to dysfunction, why suffer when you can enjoy?