Stephen Harris

Steve, a Chiropractic and a specialist in muscular and joint pain, graduated from the Welsh institute of Chiropractic in 2002. Since then he has spent most of his chiropractic working life serving the needs of the local community in Pencoed and Bridgend.

Keen to follow his own advice he maintains a strict fitness routine and can often be seen in the local gym.

As I have trained and competed at Welsh and International level I know what the human body is capable of and I believe that a combination of good nutrition, rest, exercise/rehabilitation and chiropractic care can improve most biomechanical problems within the body.

I became a chiropractor as I come from a family who believes in chiropractic care and who all see chiropractors regularly.

Remember 'we are born flexible and die stiff'. Keep your mobility with chiropractic care.