Never trust a chiropractor who does this

Never Trust a Chiropractor Who Does This…

If you read my last blog post (thanks, if you did!), you’ll know how strongly I feel against “package” chiropractic treatments. If my experience as a chiropractor has taught me anything, it’s that every patient is completely unique; I have yet to come across two identical cases in my career and I doubt I ever will. Yes, some patients may receive the same diagnosis, but that doesn’t always necessary mean they need the same treatment.

Take two patients that are suffering from chronic headaches, for example. Would it be fair to offer both the same upfront treatment plan when one patient’s headaches are caused by stress and the other is due to poor posture and muscle tension? And of course, how can a chiropractor know how quickly each patient will respond to treatment?

Many chiropractors offer contracts under which patients pay in advance for their treatment or agree to pay for a certain amount of visits at a “discount” price! My advice if you’re ever offered anything like this? Run. Run for the hills. And then run a little faster! Because this is simply overselling.

It is impossible for any chiropractor to know in advance how many number of visits each patient will need. And it is impossible to provide the best treatment under an upfront plan. Even if your condition is easy to diagnose, and your chiropractor has treated similar cases a million times before, you will still require treatment that’s completely unique to you. That goes for the amount of visits you’ll need too. I’ll admit; experience works wonders and I can often estimate how many treatments a patient may need following a consultation and assessment. But that’s nowhere near solid enough to start offering a set amount of treatments. The only time I would say it’s okay for a chiropractor to do that is if they come equipped with a crystal ball. And I don’t see many of those in the industry!

Remember that there is a host of factors that will determine what kind of treatment you need and how long you may need it for. Beware of any chiropractor who recommends a 3, 6 or 12 month treatment plan based on your first or second visit. This is a major red flag that the chiropractor is more interested in his/ her profits than your health!