Chiropractic Massage

Clinic Re-opening amidst Covid-19

Provisional Clinic reopening on 30th May 2020

With the Welsh government potentially reducing restrictions on the imposed Welsh lockdown we will be able to open for URGENT CARE. This is additionally in concurrent advice by our governing body the GGC (General Chiropractic Council) that suggests we need to weigh the risks of spreading the virus within our community against the benefits to the community in providing chiropractic services. 

This means if you are displaying high levels of pain or discomfort with your back or neck you are very welcome to come in for treatment.

Therefore, if you consider yourself an acute or emergency case then please call the clinic to discuss your options. Please note our phones will be answered remotely and will divert so please stay on the line and we will answer.

What we have done to protect and support our patients so far during the pandemic:

  • On the 19th March we suspended all routine chiropractic care 4 days prior to the UK government imposed lockdown on the whole population, banning all “non-essential” travel and contact with people outside one’s home (including family and partners) and shutting almost all businesses.
  • Our chiropractors have been working to support patients on the phone throughout “lockdown”.
  • We all know Covid 19 has not gone and we are watching and listening to news feeds and government websites for advice. 
  • We are changing our normal working hours to adapt week by week to the number of appointments required for those in need and to impose a strict ONE chiropractor, ONE patient ONLY in the Clinic to adhere to social distancing rules. 

What Can I Expect If I Come For Care?

All patients will be triaged prior to attending the clinic to confirm whether an urgent appointment is required. 

As healthcare providers we continually strive to deliver the highest hygiene standards for our patients however, we have brought in new measures to protect our patients and chiropractors.

  1. We have made hand sanitisers available to all patients in the clinic and face masks must be worn by patients. For those patients that don’t have a mask, one will be provided and will be yours to keep. 
  1. We will book extra time between patients to adhere to social distancing rules, allow a deep clean and a change of PPE (personal protection equipment) for the chiropractor.
  1. Without compromising on care, when being examined or treated, surgical masks and disposable medical gloves will be worn by our chiropractors and while cleaning the treatment room.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you and your family all the best during this unprecedented time. Please do get in touch with us if you need our help.

For further information on Coronavirus please see: