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In an exclusive interview in October,  Dr. Stephen Harris from In-Health Chiropractic revealed why he believes his treatment is amongst the best available and how going that extra mile makes all the difference in helping people to overcome their health problems. Now, in this concluding part of the interview, Steve speaks frankly about his relationship with his clients, his totally honest approach and the obstacles that may stop patients from seeking chiropractic care.

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a top healthcare professional, here is your chance!

Interviewer: Steve, you run a highly successful clinic and have a long list of loyal clients, but is there any reason why people would not seek chiropractic care?

Steve: I guess some people don’t really know what to expect from a chiropractor. Surprisingly, only about 10% of people choose to try chiropractic treatment, but as people are getting more and more good responses, that figure is growing. Not many people know this, but chiropractic is comparable to the first three years of medical studies, so once a patient knows the value of booking an appointment, they will book in.


Interviewer: What do you pride yourself on the most?

Steve: It may sound cheesy but I really do pride myself on treating people the way they deserve and need to be treated. I feel proud every day that I am able to help people and give patients what they need. Our duty of care also extends way beyond treating our patients.
For example, we have made sure that we have a professional website that makes it easy for our patients to find the information they need. We also provide comfortable and relaxed premises where patients’ family members can have tea or coffee and read magazines while they wait. We even offer easy parking spaces on flat ground. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking after our clients!


Interviewer: A lot of companies make promises that they can’t keep, so what can you actually guarantee your patients?

Steve: I can promise my patients that I will always tell them the truth and will tell them what I would want to be told if it was me. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s part of offering the best care and treatment possible.
For example, I correctly suspected that one of my patients had MS, when the medics had failed to diagnose it and had even turned him away from the hospital!
I check blood pressure regularly which many chiropractors just don’t do. My guarantee is to treat patients to the very best of my ability and provide them with the highest standard of care.

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