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8 points to consider when choosing the right chiropractor in Bridgend

There are many things you might consider when choosing the right chiropractor for you – particularly a chiropractor in Bridgend.…

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Benefits of receiving chiropractic care

Out with the Old, In with the New

Are you an older person looking to improve your overall mobility? Many seniors are unaware of the outstanding benefits of…

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Back pain

Three Easy Ways To Beat Back Pain Today!

Fed up of having to “put up” with chronic back pain? Discouraged by all the “proven” pain management techniques that…

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Are you texting your way to neck pain?

Are you texting your way to neck pain?

Noticed a new buzzword in health news recently? We have; and we know all about it… Text Neck. Despite common…

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Chiropractic Care

Stay In-Health With Steve’s Chiropractic Care!

In an exclusive interview in October,  Dr. Stephen Harris from In-Health Chiropractic revealed why he believes his treatment is amongst the…

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Never trust a chiropractor who does this

Never Trust a Chiropractor Who Does This…

If you read my last blog post (thanks, if you did!), you’ll know how strongly I feel against “package” chiropractic…

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Stephen Harris - In-Health Chiropractor - Bridgend

Exclusive Interview – Dr. Stephen Harris Speaks Out on In-Health Chiropractic

So you’ve finally decided you’ve had enough of those pesky aches and niggles and a visit to a chiropractor is…

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In-Health Chiropractic, Penybont Road, Pencoed, Bridgend

In-Health Chiropractic is growing!

In late 2015 we moved into our new premises on Penybont Road, Pencoed. After a substantial refurbishment and makeover that took…

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