Arthritic Pain

It is true that most of us will get the wear-and-tear type of arthritis, called osteoarthritis or OA (also known as degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease). OA is damage to the joints including cartilage and the bone next to it. Often it causes no arthritic pain at all but you merely notice a bit of stiffness, especially in the mornings or after a period of inactivity.


Often people are told that they have arthritis when in fact they have simple joint dysfunction and no wear and tear at all. Even if OA is present there is a lot you can do to help the symptoms, and prevent it getting worse. At In-Health Family Chiropractic we will show you how.

Did you know?

People with OA can often tell when it‘s going to rain! The drop in atmospheric pressure causes slight swelling of our joints but only people with slightly sore joints already tend to feel it as uncomfortable.

Drug-Free Arthritis Treatment

Although there is no cure for OA, your symptoms can and will potentially benefit from several treatments with the chiropractors at In-Health Family Chiropractic. Please remember that because of the ongoing nature of the disease, treatment may need to be ongoing to offer lasting benefits.

Please don‘t forget that at In-Health Family Chiropractic Centre we also do medical acupuncture and there has been a recent article regarding medical acupuncture and arthritic pain published in the Daily Mail. To find out more please follow this link to the Daily Mail‘s Article on Medical Acupuncture: the scientific evidence.