Chiropractic is a system of treatment based on the structure and function of the body. The aim is to establish good function of the area and in turn help the blood and nerve supplies to the affected area improve, thus, increasing healing rate and decreasing pain.

This may be achieved using a combination of chiropractic treatment techniques as well as advising on lifestyle changes and exercise. At In-Health Family Chiropractic Centre we treat all ages from children to adults with a sensitive approach to you.

We will treat you like we want to be treated ourselves or how we treat members of our FAMILY.

We achieve this by ensuring that you understand the diagnosis and how the treatment aims to improve your symptoms.

At In-Health Family Chiropractic we are specialists in muscle and joint pain and have working interests in sports injuries being linked and help many local teams and international players. With additional interests in arthritis, and how medical acupuncture benefits in its treatment and paediatrics care.

We believe in treating you like a member of the Family and caring for your well-being and thus aim to provide appointments on the same day that you contact us providing you call us early in the day.

Did you know?

In-Health Family Chiropractic provide very effective care for back pain.

In a recent audit, we have established that you will require between 4 and 8 treatments for a new, acutely inflamed back problem (5.8 treatment sessions was the statistical figure) beating recent research statistics.