Mrs M. Hopkins

I am a 66 year old female, unfortunately I suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, I have experienced joint and muscular problems for 44 years, have been prescribed pain killers, visited numerous physiotherapists and hospitals.

Two years ago I had problems with the nerve endings in my neck and arm, this resulted in considerable pain and discomfort, this together with my other problems resulted in reduced mobility and difficulty in carrying out my daily responsibilities. I attended hospital both private and through the national health, I travelled to a Bristol consultation and was told there was no treatment available.

A friend recommended visiting Steve at In-Health Family Chiropractic Centre and what a change he has made to my life. At the first consultation he asked what problems I was encountering, he then explained in detail what he thought was causing the discomfort and pain, he made clear that they were not curable but with treatment, exercise and acupuncture I should be able to see an improvement. He did not raise any false hopes, he just discussed without exaggeration the probabilities and possibilities. Within 6 weeks I had relief which enabled me to live life to the full. I visit Steve whenever I have a problem and I get relief with the minimum manipulation, as a result I live a full life, I am still working part-time, and the quality of my life has increased incredibly. I am so pleased with the care sensitivity I received at In-Health Family Chiropractic Centre, I have recommended Steve to a number of my friends and colleagues, and they have also seen improvements in their conditions.

Age 66